Can I use a license on testing installs?


In much the same way that the Craft core license check allow you to use the same license on testing domains, our license checks allow similar testing conditions.

The License checks only trigger a duplicate warning if the site is detected as running on non-matching public domain.

What's seen as a non-public domain?

We run a few checks to see if the domain is non-public :

  1. Is the domain a single segment? eg. http://localhost
  2. Is the domain just an IP address? eg.
  3. Is the domain running on a non-standard tld? We allow the following tlds for testing : dev, loc, local, app, test, testing and home. eg.
  4. Is the domain on a port other than 80 or 443? eg.
  5. Does the domain have a test sounding subdomain? We allow the following subdomains : beta, me2, ww2, craft, craftdemo, dev, local, loc, test, testing, sandbox, stage, staging, acc and acceptance. eg.
  6. Is the domain in our whitelist of testing domains? eg. Just get in touch to request a domain added to the white list.

What happens when a license check fails?

Don't worry. We don't shut off your payment processing, or disable any functions. We'll display a warning to the users in the CP, along with prompting the admins to resolve the issue.

To resolve a license check fail, you just need to transfer a license to the current domain, and that's done in a single click in the the CP area.