Powerful & Flexible Payments

One-off and Recurring Payments

One-time payments are a breeze. Recurring payments - are just as simple. Choose how often a payment needs to recur - anywhere from every day, to every year, and Charge does the rest.

More than $20 Million in Payments

Charge has a proven track record. It's helped companies worldwide maximise their billing potential.

Powered by Stripe

Charge is powered by Stripe, which gives amazing control and flexiblity for taking payments, managing customers, recurring invoices and more.

Craft to the Core

Charge has been built 100% for Craft. It follows Craft's guiding priciples, and keeps things clean, clear and amazingly powerful.

Amazingly Simple Setup

Setting up your first payment will take just minutes. All the individual pricing setup is done right in your templates, using payment tags that encrypt the request data.

Charge for Anything

Charge makes no assumptions on what you'll be charging customers for. Products, donations, digital downloads, membership, invoices, Saas billing, or anything you need.


Don't get locked into a single currency. Take payments in over 160 currencies, every currency that Stripe supports. You can swap and change currencies however you like. Take payments in USD, GBP, EUR and YEN and over 160 more, all from the same site.

Secure and PCI Compliant

Charge uses Stripe's payment tokenisations to keep all your payment forms fully secure. Payment details never touch your servers, so staying PCI compliant is a simple as an SSL Certificate.

Beyond Just Payments

Powerful Triggers

Do more than just taking payments. Using Charge's action triggers you can perform actions after a payment completes. The setup is just an extra line in your templates.

Users and Guests Welcome

Let your guests and users make payments with out a second thought. Charge manages Stripe Customer records too, so returning customers are all visible and usefully stored in Stripe.

Saved Payment Cards

For returning users, you can let them save their cards with just a checkbox, and later reuse those payment cards for future payments. Saved card setup takes seconds.

Emails, Emails, Emails

Email notifications are right out the box. Add email receipts, payment failures, admin notifications, recurring payment events, subscription changes and more.

Elementary my dear Craft. Elementary

Charge is built around the Charge Element. Each and every payment request becomes a Charge Element, and subsequent payments, become their own Charge Payment Element, all associated back to the original Charge. It's amazingly powerful.

Extra Content on your Charges

Add Craft fields to your Charges, just as you would Entries, Assets, or any other Craft element. Then you can capture extra form data from your customers without limit. Add validation rules too for required and optional inputs.

Membership Subscriptions

Upgrade your membership site by adding paid subscriber memberships. The membership subscriptions in Charge let you control access by user group based on a user's payments, and work with recurring and one-time payments.


Add coupons with a host of options for one-off and recurring payments. Need to offer a $50 coupon? Done. How about a $15 recurring coupon that only applies to the first 3 recurring payments, and for the first 10 customers? A breeze. Ajax endpoints let you validate coupons without interupting a payment page.

Meta Data and Descriptions

Need to record specific extra info for later back-office use? Charge supports meta data and decriptions just as easily as field content.

Access Control

What about selling access to content a piece at a time? Use the fields on the Charge element and you can setup effective item and area access controls in minutes.


Get going in minutes

Setting up Charge to take your first payment can be done in under a minute using the Stripe Checkout. You're not limited there either - use Stripe.js and the bundled helper js to build fully custom forms and integrated payment setups.

Full Stripe Control

Need to go out of the box? Charge doesn't lock things away - as a developer you'll have full access to the ready to use Stripe object from your service classes. Handle edge cases, one-off events or anything you can dream of, direct on the Stripe api, while letting Charge keep track of things.

Powerful Logging

Charge isn't a black box. With the built in advanced logging features you can see exactly what's going on in each request. Track down what's happening and why, right in the Craft CP.

Events & Hooks

You can use Charge's events and hooks to alter the core behaviours to make any tweaks you might need.

Extend Charge

Need more direct control? Extend the payment controllers and post to your own handlers - from there you can do anything and everything and still let Charge do all the heavy lifting for you.

Integrate everywhere

Take Charge even further and integrate it as the payment system into other third party or completely custom plugins. We've built custom integrations that use Charge as a custom gateway for Craft Commerce, as an event + calendar booking payment system, and many more.

Beyond Craft

Charge leaves all the payment processing logic to Stripe, so you can run even more complicated hybrid setups with only a little extra leg work. Charge makes no assumptions about the payments that occur on Stripe.

Actively Developed & Supported

Always Improving

Charge isn't standing still - we've been expanding it's features non-stop of more than 3 years.

Regularly Updated

SquareBit follows a fast incremental release schedule. We release quick and often, with Charge getting updates nearly weekly.

World Class Support

We won't leave you hanging for support. If you're running into any issues on either the Free or Pro editions, you can always contact us via email, or on the Craft Slack.

Premium SLAs

Need the extra piece of mind that comes with an fully backed SLA? We offer enterprise packages that come with direct 1-1 support and assistance, with full SLA options.

Driven by the Community

All our features and code is driven from community requests and feedback. If you see a feature you need, a new use case that needs some extra help from the Charge side, or just have general feedback, we're always happy to talk.


We have planned features and additions to Charge for the next 12 months+. We're contantly improving and exapanding what Charge can do.

Sponsored Customisations Welcome

Need a feature and can't wait? We're always happy to help out, and can add most features - either directly to Charge itself, or as a standalone extension plugin. Just get in touch.