Charge is the best way to add Stripe to your Craft.

All the Power of Stripe #

Charge brings the power of Stripe payments to your Craft install. Get going in minutes, taking one-off and recurring payments with almost no setup. Fully integrate your payment setup into your Craft templates while staying secure and PCI compliant.

Flexible Setup #

Charge makes no assumptions on what you're selling. Digital products, physical products, access to content, subscriptions, donations or anything else. Charge can scale from simple charity donation setups to powering multi-vendor marketplaces with ease.

It's a Payment System #

Charge isn't an e-commerce solution. It does less. It only cares about connecting you to Stripe, connecting your Craft setup to real paying customers, and enabling powerful actions for your users. There is no cart, no taxes, no fulfilment. Just your site, Craft, and Stripe, and all the power they bring.

Powerful Features #

Charge brings powerful options for recurring emails, membership subscriptions, additional content and more. Extend your setup with Stripe Connect and let third parties sell on your platform while taking application fees. User controlled payment plans, payment histories and so much more. Detailed logging and security features keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Built for Developers #

Unique requirements? Can't manage it out the box? Charge is built for developers first. You can access the full power of the Stripe api directly with Charge. We expose a ready to use Stripe object

Brilliant Pricing #

Charge comes in two editions - Free and Pro. The Free edition has no limits on payment types, currencies and or transaction volume. It's free forever. Upgrade to pro at any point to take advantage of additional features like membership subscriptions, charge fields and more.