Algolia Setup

To make use of SearchPlus, we'll need to have an Algolia account, and connect this to our Craft install.


1. Get an Algolia account

Algolia offer an unlimited 14 day trial which requires no credit card details or committment. Perfect if you're just exploring options, or getting setup.

Sign up with Algolia →

Algolia also offer the Hacker Plan, a free forever plan for prototypes, personal use and community projects. After you've got your account created, just get in touch with Algolia support to set that up if you qualify

2. Get your Credentials

Once logged into your account, you can get your API Credentials, from the Credentials page.

They'll look something like this :

Copy the credentials for Application Id, Search API Key, and Admin API Key for the next step.

3. Add your Credentials to SearchPlus

Visit the SearchPlus plugin page, from your CP's main nav. If Algolia isn't already configured, you'll be prompted to set it up now. Add in the credentials to the appropriate fields.

It'll look something like this :

When you've got your credentials in place, just submit the form to have SearchPlus validate the connection. If they're correct you'll see a happy Status : Connected notice in the sidebar.

With Algolia connected, check out the quickstart guide for the next steps.