Check the Docs

Most issues can be solved by checking the documentation. Look for your specific product, and confirm you've got it all configured as detailed in the docs. If you do find the docs don't cover something, or anything appears missing, just let us know.

Check Stack Exchange

Contact Support

Can't find the answer anywhere else? Generally stuck?
Contact support directly.

Email, or just fill out this form :

We'll get back to you as soon as possible

Be sure to include :

  • The specific product you need help with, including the platform (ie. EE/Craft).
    ie. Charge for Craft
  • The version you're running, and platform version.
    ie. Charge for Craft 1.4.0, on Craft 2.4.xx
  • Exactly what the problem is, what you're expecting to see, and what you're actually seeing.
  • What you've already tried
  • Any other details about your setup that may affect things
  • Publicly accessible site urls to test the issues on if possible

The more details you can provide, the quicker we can sort things.

Most support is a case of just a mis-configuration on the install - be sure to check the documentation and FAQs first, it'll save time.

If the issue does turn out to be a bug, and we can't replicate this locally, we'll need to have access to your site to debug and test a fix. For that we'll need the site to be somewhere accessible (ie. not localhost), full Control Panel access, and FTP access too. We'll let you know if we need these details during the private support thread.

Feature Requests

Sometimes the exact feature you need doesn't already exist.

Feature Suggestions are always welcome. Not every feature will be added however. Focus is important, and some features simply won't be added.

Just email your requests, and we'll let you know.

Implementation Aids

We offer a fixed cost implementation service on all our products. For just $500 USD you can get any of our products fully implemented within your project. The usual turn around on these is 3-5 days, but quicker responses are possible in emergencies.

Just email the details, and we'll get back to you quickly.

Custom Development

All our software began as custom development projects for clients. If you have a specific need get in touch.

We only release a small sub-set of our developed products publicly, most of our work stays private for specific client projects, and we'd be happy to work with you on any bespoke functionality you might need.

If you have a feature for a public addon that doesn't make sense to add to the public release, we can create custom extensions for any of our products, so you can stay inline with the main release, while still having your custom requirements covered.

Just drop us a line today.