Shortlist - lightweight, flexible lists for Craft

Simply put - it's the best way to add user wishlists, favorites or any user list features to your Craft build.

All Elements Welcome

Shortlist lets your users add any element type to their lists. Want to just have a list of favourite entries? Done. A list of followed users? Done. A list of favourite assets? Easy as pie. A list of a completely custom element type? No trouble.

A Million Uses. Or Just One

Amazon style product wishlists? What e-commerce site should be without wishlists? Shortlist has you covered using any e-commerce package, from off-the-shelf to 100% custom. Build an on-the-fly cart quicker than you can brew a coffee.

Flickr style favorites? Quick, simple favourting of any content. Images, groups of images, albums. Anything you'd like your users to add can be added in the blink of an eye.

Multiple lists as simple as one

Shortlist lets your users have as many lists as they want. Create lists on the fly, or define exactly what lists users can have. View it all from the CP.

Guests Welcome

Lists aren't simply limited to logged in members. Let your guest users create temporary lists just as simply as your logged in members. Their lists will stay around as long as their session exists. Logged in members can keep their lists permanently against their account.

Do More With Shortlist

Use shortlist to build trip planners for your travel site, user playlists for your music site, top 10 lists for your social site.